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On 24th February, during the Accelerating Retail: Grocery Edition, a panel of industry experts explored the business models that will ensure end-to-end value chain improvements and set your organisation on the path for sustainable growth. Discover what the top players are investing in, under topics such as customer experience, supply chain agility, leadership& culture, process & product design, online paradigm, circular economy.

Accelerating Retail

Industry Insights Report

accelerating retail reportaccelerating retail report

Shopping is no longer seen as a simple transactional activity. Customers are now demanding the right product, at the right time via a seamless, even experiential, shopping experience. The pressure is mounting for retailers to operate with the same service level across all channels while delivering a conscientious ethos of sustainability.

In this report, we compile an industry overview and insights on how retailers can integrate different business models that will ensure end-to-end value chain improvements, drive profitable growth, maximise innovation and reallocate costs. Accelerating the retail business means getting the best products, services and experiences to the customers, in the fastest, most efficient, profitable and sustainable way

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