Service Desk Improvement

Faced with increasingly demanding consumers, customer service – especially at the counter, it is a moment of great importance. In a busy everyday life, where time is always short, waiting  are one of the greatest dramas that ultimately, and not rarely, lead consumers to give up making a purchase / service or even not even get on the surface.


The listed problems are common to thousands of services and commercial spaces (pharmacies, citizen shops, retail, ...) and, in most, the solution is to redesign the counter and associated processes. Typically, the activities carried out by the employee in these spaces - entry and information consultation, optical reading of the article, payment, etc. - Require that it moves too which leads to increased delay in task execution and endless queues.


The solution is to transform the area and the processes that take place at the point of care. In this way, the developer access to all the elements necessary for the operation while maintaining eye contact with the customer and using simplified procedures. It increases the interaction is improved customer service and reduced to the ranks.



˃ Excess travel

˃ Service back to the client

˃ complex processes

> Absence of standardisation

˃ lack of ergonomic space



˃ Standardisation of processes

˃ Construction ergonomic desk

˃ cockpit concept (at arm's length)

> visual management

˃ Storage depending on frequency of use



˃ Increased productivity in customer service in the order of 20%

˃ Increased availability for the customer

˃ reduction of queues

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