Exponential Growth

Expansion to Exponential Growth starts with improving Strategy Formulation & Execution

KAIZEN™ Strategy Development uses breakthrough thinking and Hoshin Deployment to focus and align strategy execution

KAIZEN™ strategic initiatives can be expanded to improve Marketing, Sales, Innovation and Mergers & Acquisitions

The Exponential Growth Model

Most companies need to improve strategy, sell more, innovate faster and make better acquisitions

Refine and Expand your Lean System to incorporate Growth

  • Base strategy development processes on KAIZEN™ principles and deploy with Hoshin / Catchall
  • Implement paradigm shifts in Marketing, Sales, Go-To-Market, Pricing and more besides
  • Drive new projects into the market quickly, efficiently and effectively using a phase model
  • Improve the success of mergers and acquisitions either for private equity companies or for inorganic growth

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Strategy Development

Strategy Formulation and Execution has been considered one of the most important processes to ensure company´s success but 68% of people consider it ineffective. In most cases - about 70% - the problem is not caused by a poor strategy, but rather a poor execution.

Continuous Profitable Growth at Danaher Corporation



Strat to Action within the Automotive Industry



Strategy Review within Agrobusiness



How to resolve the tragedy of Ineffective Strategy

1. Value Stream Analysis

- Several analysis workshops to find new paradigms in internal processes and insights into the voice of the customer

- Gives detailed perspectives about how to improve customer experience, flow and resource efficiency

- Uncovers the gaps to the breakthrough vision in voice of the customer and material, information and project based value streams

2. Strategy Review

- A workshop to find and decide the vital few business strategic imperatives

- Based on value stream analysis and voice of customer inputs, improve the Core Business and explore expansion to Adjacencies

- To find the 3-5 years objectives / priorities that will drive the organisation to sustained profitable growth

3. Hoshin Planning

- To deploy 3-5 years imperatives into key capabilities to be implemented

- To assign owners to breakthrough initiatives

- To communicate and engage all stakeholders in the same simple and elegant strategic vision

4. Hoshin Review

- To check monthly performance of targets to improve

- To (re)act to gaps with problem solving by the top management

- To reflect and learn from strategy implementation hazards

5. Agile Organisation

- To check of organisation readiness for implementing 3-5 years breakthroughs

- To rotate / reorganise to make organisation more effective

- To explore new agile organisation setups (value stream and span of control)

Commercial Growth

How strong are your commercial bones and muscles? Are they able to support your strategic stretch targets?
Probably not!

B2B Consumer Goods Sales



B2C Retail Selling



B2B Sales Call Efficiency



How to get more Leads and close more Deals

1. Transformative Marketing

- To explore new marketing paradigms with development of commercial insights

- To improve marketing content for traditional and digital campaigns

- To launch direct marketing in the digital era

2. Insight & Value Selling

- To organise and improve sales funnel management

- To explore challenging value selling approaches

- To extract waste (muda) from salespeople and develop sales talent

3. Breakthrough Marketing

- To design the process to enter new markets

- To visualise the product roadmap, which includes technology developments

- To design sprints to check customer utility and define a smart pricing strategy

Accelerated Development

98% of innovation projects go over budget, 61% are under-scoped and the average delivery delay is 115%.
A big improvement is needed in Research and Development processes.

Accelerated Development



Accelerated Plant Shutdown



Innovation Speed



How to deliver innovation faster and generate best-selling products/services

1. Lean Project Management

- To plan and manage projects in an efficient and effective way

- To improve resources utilisation and launch predictability

- To create a smooth continuous flow for the duration of the projects

2. Set-Based Engineering

- To develop knowledge that can be quickly incorporated into new products and processes

- To research effectively in advance of product development project starts

- To solve design trade-off issues by balancing customer interests and technological feasibility

3. Lean Product Design

- To define a long-term product development strategy

- To implement processes needed to define paced product roadmaps

- To reduce product development cycle

4. Production Preparation Process

- To improve design of production processes in order to eliminate issues before launch

- To design most cost effective processes that incorporate resource and flow efficiency

- To guarantee a vertical production start-up

5. Agile Software Development

- To apply KAIZEN™ to software development teams

- To implement Agile and Scrum sprints

- To improve first-time quality and user´s satisfaction

Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies

83% of M&A deals do not succeed in boosting shareholder returns, mostly due to mismanagement of risk, price, strategy and culture.
It is very important to diagnose the profitable growth potential of the company and realise it quickly!

Danaher Corporation M&A Strategy



Private Equity Acquisition Strategy #1 



Private Equity Acquisition Strategy #2



How to choose the right companies and make them profitable quickly

1. M&A Planning

- To improve the selection process (including the most profitable market and the right companies)

- To develop innovative services, pursue operational excellence and conduct further M&A activity to increase market presence

2. M&A Due Diligence

- To define criteria to validate company potential to become Lean and Big

- To install a process to evaluate a target company for acquisition in terms of operations, culture and growth processes

3. M&A Transformation

- To implement a Lean Growth System with a tailored approach in the acquired company

- To review and adjust the organisational structure and key resources

- To reinforce talent with KAIZEN™ Minded Executives (surgical approach)

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