Lean Transformation

Changing the company Culture poses a difficult challenge, even in the aftermath of sucessful Lean Operations Projects

Shifting to a KAIZEN™ Culture implies changing Behaviours and finding time to do KAIZEN™

4 KAIZEN™ Behaviours: Standardisation, Problem-Solving, KAIZEN™ Events & Breakthrough Initiatives

Learn how to implement a KAIZEN™ Culture with the KAIZEN™ 4.0 Lean Transformation Program

The Lean Transformation Model

Most Lean transformation initiatives fail to change behaviours for the better, engaging Everybody, Everyday and Everywhere.

How good are your stakeholders in Standardisation, Problem-Solving, KAIZEN™ Events and Breakthrough Initiatives ?

Start shaping the culture of your organisation

  • Implement Daily KAIZEN™ to improve the use of visual management and standards, and develop problem-solving capability amongst teams
  • Improve Top Management commitment by linking Strategy to Breakthrough Planning
  • Master Breakthrough KAIZEN™ to boost the power of KAIZEN™ events

Click on each pillar to see the power of KAIZEN™ in improving culture and changing behaviours

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"If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got"

Daily Management in Food Retail



Daily Management in Public Sector



Daily Management in Process Industry



Teach your Team Leaders how to improve the Gemba

1. Team Organisation

- Visual Team Boards: with team performance indicators, work plan and improvement cycle

- Daily Team Meeting: to discuss KPI deviations, plan improvement actions and alocate workload

- Quick Reaction by Team Leader: by being close to the team and knowing work processes and methods

2. Workplace Organisation

- Physical and Digital 5S: a place for everything and everything in its place, to improve productivity and reduce mistakes

- Standards for material and information management: to create process transparency

- Process Confirmation: to sustain the standards and identify improvements

3. Best Practice SDCA

- Task Standardisation: to improve team member skills and increase autonomy

- Standard Training Process: to accelerate employee training and level knowledge between team members

- Work Study & Problem-Solving: to guide teams towards making long term improvements, using a structured approach

4. Improvement PDCA

- Autonomous Quality: to allow defect and error management in Gemba, improving process reliability

- Improvement Kata: to ensure that the continuous improvement process among natural teams is consistent and empower front line leaders to improve their coaching skills

Leaders' KAIZEN™

"(...) Leading is not treated as a discipline distinct from doing, rather, the authority of leaders derives from their proficiency as practicioners"

Leaders' KAIZEN™ in Electronics Manufacturer



Leader Standard Work in Logistics



Leaders' Coaching in Discrete Production



How to become world-class leaders

1. Learning to See

- KAIZEN™ Leadership Awareness: for knowledge o KAIZEN™ concepts and tools to guide you through the change

- Strategy Review: to realign the strategic vision and company objectives

- Daily KAIZEN™ Planning: to create the correct organisational structure that will support the development of Daily KAIZEN™ Behaviours

2. Setting the Targets

- Hoshin Planning: to deconstruct the 3- to 5-year breakthrough objetives into improvement priorities, with metrics and owners

- Daily Management - Leadership Organisation: to align the direction and perfomance of team in order to eliminate deviations

- Daily Management - Follow up: to guarantee a structured communication model through all levels of the organisation

3. Leading the Change

- Follow-up & Countermeasure Process: to manage Hoshin implementation and accelerate achievement of positive results

- Help Chain Process: for a systematic approach to identifying and solving problems by interacting with different organisational levels

- Kamishibai & Gemba Walks: frequent audits to reinforce Gemba behaviours and help implement strategy quicker and more effectively

4. Sustaining the Change

- Kata Coaching: to coach on improvement capabilities by promoting a larger sense of responsibility

- Hoshin Review: for reflection on improvement priorities, evaluation of KPIs, and review of annual and 3- to 5-year objectives

- Leader Standard Work: routine for checking and coaching that defines the expected behaviours for leaders

Breakthrough KAIZEN™

To solve important problems and create new standards we have to engage in full week-long KAIZEN™ events

KAIZEN™ Transformation in Automotive Supplier



Breakthrough Management in Process Industry



Improvement Cycles in Discrete Assembly

improvement cycles KAIZEN™ assembly


How to achieve two-digit improvement results year-on-year

1. Mission Control

- Obeya Room: manage your most important improvement projects using Visual Management

- 3- to 6-month sprints: plan execution in sprints with benefit tracking at the end of every sprint

- PDCA approach: Check and act with KPIs and problem-solving applied to Project Management

2. KAIZEN™ Events

- Agile teams: work with a predefined agenda and duration, bring together representatives from all relevant areas, working in Gemba

-9-Step A3: to guarantee a structured approach, with quick implementation and follow up of financial benefits

-Quick implementation: design solutions and test them during the KAIZEN™ event - confirm that all proposed solutions contribute to the desired result

3. Events Closing

- Guarantee effectiveness of solutions: use the PDCA for any required improvents. Create Before/After Reports

- Confirm benefits and transition to daily management: in order to guarantee that the improvements obtained are perpetuated

- Structured Closing approach: includes validation of implementation of standards, training of natural team leader and training and implementation schedule delivered by team leaders

4. Value Review

- Lessons Learned: carry out a retrospective analysis at the end of each 3- to 6-month spring

- Value Tree Review: identify where the goals were achieved across each KPI level

- Next Sprint Planning: identify leader and team for each event and create a detailed implementation plan

KAIZEN™ Principles

Want to understand the basic KAIZEN™ Principles?

We provide the following Awareness Seminars:
- KAIZEN™ Leadership Seminar
- KAIZEN™ Foundations Seminar
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