KAIZEN™ New Product Development

This course addresses innovation process improvement and new product development. The principles and techniques presented aim to reduce time to market, increase project quality and reduce project and production costs.

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04. Dec. 2019

United Kingdom


295 GBP

Our Training Goals

• Understand how to implement and improve product innovation and development processes;
• Improve conceptual design of new products using Set Based Engineering;
• Improve industrialisation and market introduction processes;
• Understand benefits related to Innovation and Development Projects QCDM;
• Learn about KAIZEN™ Lean product development case studies and best practices.

What you learn

• Transition from traditional innovation and development methods to KAIZEN™ IDM Model
• Foundations of KAIZEN™ Development and Innovation
• Set Based Engineering
o Customer Interests
o Feasibility Planning
o Learning Cycles
o Integration Events
• Accelerated Product Development
o Initiation
o Project
o Industrialisation
o Introduction to Market
• Simulation Exercises
• Case Studies

KAIZEN™ New Product Development

295 GBP

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