Strat to Action

A KAIZEN™ method from strategy to practice - The Strat to Action programme introduces techniques to improve the processes related to a business unit strategy formulation and execution, using pragmatic techniques for strategic planning and problem solving.

18. Mar. 2020

United Kingdom


400 GBP

Our Training Goals

•The organisation or department does not have a strategic plan to change for the better (growth, profitability or other long-term objectives)
•Recent years strategic planning has not delivered the expected results
•More than half of strategic initiatives are not executed
•Employees do not understand the objectives and how to achieve them
•Planning and controlling processes are very bureaucratic, time consuming, and involve a lot of resources.

What you learn

•Continuous Improvement Management Model
•Leader Standard Work
•Daily KAIZEN™ Implementation Model
•Team Organisation
•Workplace Organisation
•Best Practice SDCA
•PDCA Improvement
•Team Development Plan
•Simulation Exercises
•Case Studies

Strat to Action

400 GBP

(local taxes might apply)

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