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Kaizen Institute Consulting Group enables leaders to achieve their performance dreams through continuous improvement of people, processes and systems. We diagnose problems, create awareness, draw roadmaps, lead implementation, develop experts and coach leaders to sustain business excellence.

We introduced the kaizen methodology to the world in 1985. Today we are a global consultancy active in all sectors. Our 400+ professionals work to advance the continuous improvement body of knowledge. We research, publish and license various publications including books, training materials and online learning.

Kaizen Institute consultants challenge clients to help develop leaders capable of sustaining true continuous improvement in all aspects of their enterprise.

Recent Posts


Say “No” to repetitive and lengthy tasks

Low-cost automation is synonymous with better results – more effective and efficient -, able to facilitate a number of tasks that would normally absorb a lot of people’s time. With simple automation, lengthy processes and mistakes are left behind. [Keep Reading]


7 Types of Waste and How They Influence Your Work Life

Recognising the wastes model is fundamental for improvement. The strategy to move forward with a solution to these problems is divided into three steps: understand what is added value for consumers and clients, eliminate what is not important for those clients and consumers (MUDA) and reinforce the added value. [Keep Reading]


Disorganised computers = double the work

A lack of digital organisation reveals itself in the most varied ways – from folders stored without a logical structure, duplicate files without standardised classification, even desktops that are so confusing that they make finding the most obvious item is a herculean task. [Keep Reading]


Visual Management

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This idiom could not ring truer at this moment in time, when people have increasingly less time to read and invest in the excessive amount of information everyone is bombarded with at all times. In the business world, just as with any everyday activity, images – videos, photographs, graphs – today represent what a newspaper headline did a few decades ago. [Keep Reading]


Go to the Gemba

“Data is, of course, important in manufacturing - but I place the greatest emphasis on facts.” - Taiichi Ohno 
This quote from the creator of the Toyota Business System illustrates how crucial it is to rely on real observation on the ground to make informed management decisions. [Keep Reading]


Meeting deadlines and sticking to budgets: from theory to practice

One of the main issues of planning for project management in Innovation and Development is sticking to budgets and deadlines. It is even more crucial when a project reaches the point when skidding off budget and blowing deadlines are an almost certain outcomes. Unfortunately, this is a very common reality that affects public as well as private entities, almost without exception. [Keep Reading]


We communicate therefore we motivate

“About 90% of most companies’ problems revolve around communication or the lack thereof.” This quote is attributed to the North American guru, Peter Russel, and it is a perfect fit for the business context we are now living. A big part of what we normally call “teamwork” can, in fact, be summed up as simple communication. Still, from thought to practice, the distance is still vast. [Keep Reading]


How change is crucial to keep succeeding

The story of how Switzerland's reign over the watch market suffered a crisis in the 1970s because the Swiss didn't understand how crucial it is to keep changing and improving in order to maintain success. [Keep Reading]


The 5 Golden Rules of the Organised Workplace

Disorganisation in work areas is typical in any work setting. It may not seem like a big deal or a big problem at all – but the truth is that a heavy environment leads to problems: having trouble locating specific items and having no space are real obstacles to productivity. These lead to stress within teams, time wastes, dependence and to causing a bad impression on visitors. [Keep Reading]


The 10 Commandments for Excellent Service

The truth is that, in today’s world, we value more than products or services in themselves: we value the way we are treated and served. The value is in the overall experience. Clients are becoming more and more demanding. Expectations have increased. [Keep Reading]


Having trouble managing a lasting continuous improvement culture in your business? Find out what's missing

In a nutshell, Kaizen Support is essential for organisations to achieve their desired results in continuous improvement programs and to ensure the empowerment of change through deployment of continuous improvement skills and behaviours throughout the organisation. [Keep Reading]


Getting dozens of emails every day…? Learn how to manage your inbox

Email is an unavoidable part of work in this day and age. But so are the hundreds of unread messages, confusing inboxes and stress. Learn helpful tips to get the most out of this great tool. [Keep Reading] 


Problem solving – a solid team is worth more than a great talent

How many times do we watch football matches that play millionaire teams, filled with celebrity players and great talents against seemingly poorer opponents – only to watch David defeat Goliath? The result makes us remember that organization and team work are stronger than individual talent. [Keep Reading] 


LinCE Project helps reduce waiting times for outpatient appointments in 44%

The Kaizen LinCE Project – Lean for Outpatient Appointments – helped public hospitals reduce the waiting time for appointments from 72 to 40 days. [Keep Reading]


Hospital Logistics System Project (HLS) focuses on Continuous Improvement and Process Innovation

How Lean methods can contribute to significant improvements in Healthcare organizations in terms of logistics, processes and the time available to do significant work. [Keep Reading]


8 steps that prove great work and planning are inseparable

Being really productive depends on a number of factors and can be approached in many different ways - but it takes more than a simple to-do list to get things done in the best possible way. Planning work the right way might be the key to increasing the quality and productivity of your company's output. [Keep Reading]


What sets extremely competitive companies apart?

Discover how the technique used by companies that are always looking to stay ahead has helped them be extra competitive in tough economic times. [Keep Reading]


Want to fulfill tasks in a simple and safe way? The secret: standardizing.

Understand how standardizing can benefit your company's productivity and learn how to apply it inside your organisation. [Keep Reading]


Process Landscape – X-Raying your Company’s Processes

Have you ever realized that you and a colleague were both simultaneously working on the same task? Or that some of the information being processed was not used? Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens. And in most cases, it is due to something more than just a simple failure in communication. [Keep Reading]


This is how management teams in top companies operate. Learn how to replicate the formula.

In a global and extremely competitive economic context, where companies compete with each other, it becomes of vital importance to focus on the continuous improvement of a number of elements: the quality of products and services, the increase in profitability, the bet on innovation, opening up to new markets and the reduction of waste. [Keep Reading]



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