The power of
expanding LEAN

Many companies are implementing Lean Systems to achieve Operational Efficiency and build an Improvement Culture

But few use KAIZEN™ as a competitive weapon to drive Sustainable Profitable Growth

Most Lean Systems fail to deliver Profitable Growth

Reasons why it is hard to be Lean and Grow at the same time


The Rules of the Game are harder

The world is in continuous change and the life span of organisations is going down.

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Most Lean Transformations fail

Implementing an Improvement Culture is not easy. It requires focus, know-how and persistence.

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Growth isn't always Profitable

How important is Revenue Growth (organic and external) in driving Overall Shareholder Value?

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Sustained High Growth is Hard!

Sustained Growth is a challenge that few companies can handle.

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The evolution of KAIZEN™

The age of Lean Production Systems is dead. Long live the age of Exponential Growth Systems

KAIZEN™ has been constantly evolving since its foundation in the 1950s:

  • KAIZEN™ 1.0 : Companywide KAIZEN™ efforts started in Japan with the Quality Movement
  • KAIZEN™ 2.0 : Toyota perfected the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the term Lean was born
  • KAIZEN™ 3.0 : The TPS was very powerful but it demanded strong leadership, thus arose the concept of Lean Transformation
  • KAIZEN™ 4.0 : KAIZEN™ did not stop and companies like Toyota and Danaher expanded Lean to all Growth areas
  • kaizen-lean-evolution-industrialisation-digital

The fourth generation of KAIZEN™ aims to deliver and drive Profitable Growth by expanding Operational Excellence to Business Excellence. The Enterprise Business System was born out of KAIZEN™ 4.0.

How mature is your Business System?

To drive Growth, a Lean System has to expand and evolve

Current state of the majority of Lean Systems:

  • Lean Operations are at the core of creating resource and flow efficiency
  • Lean Transformation is needed to develop leadership skills and improvement routines
  • Usually Lean is separated from Company Strategy

New generation of KAIZEN™ tools and processes:

  • Strategy Development drives engagement and breakthrough improvement
  • Lean is expanded to Marketing & Sales, Research & Development and Merger & Acquisitions
  • KAIZEN™ 4.0 expands Lean to Growth

Start now! Turn Lean into Growth

Start with one of these KAIZEN™ Workshops


Value Stream Analysis

  • 5 days workshop done for key value streams
  • Evaluate how Lean your operations are
  • Check if you are using the latest pull flow paradigms

Maturity Assessment

  • Evaluate how good your daily management and leadership programs are
  • Check if the KAIZEN™ culture is widespread within the organisation
  • Generate an action plan to close gaps

Strategy Review Workshop

  • Start with this workshop to find strategic breakthrough imperatives to grow your business
  • Even if you are from a production site, use this workshop to find your deployment priorities

Your Performance will hit a Winning Streak

KAIZEN™ 4.0 will have a huge impact in P&L and Balance Sheets


Read the article about the impact of KAIZEN™ 4.0 on company performance:

Danaher Corporation Story

A taste of the KAIZEN™ way

KAIZEN™ = An Effective Growth Lean System

The KAIZEN™ Business System offers Breakthrough Solutions to all business sectors and departments providing long term company value.

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