hotel chocolat COO Interview

Date Confirmed - 12th October 2021

The Recipe for Success

Interview with COO Matt Margereson

Learn about how company culture contributes to performance.
What comes next: a global strategy for improvement and growth.
Get all the answers from Matt during the Q&A session.

hotel chocolat

November 2021

Accelerating Product Development

Virtual Tour with a Senior Project Manager

Walk through the product development process and what it takes to transform an idea into a product. Learn what has changed to deliver new products to the market faster.

hotel chocolat

December 2021

Boosting Warehouse Fulfilment Operations

Virtual Tour with a Senior Warehouse Manager

Peek inside Hotel Chocolat’s operations and see what changed with the boom of online sales. Uncover the new normal for fulfilment teams.

hotel chocolat

February 2022

Stepping-Up Packing Operations

Virtual Tour with a Manufacturing Operations Executive

Grasp the challenges of managing a production facility first-hand. See how Hotel Chocolat was able to improve packing capacity and set an improvement culture.

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