Benchmarks & Client Cases

Speed of Innovation

The Challenge



• Lengthy development Lead Time

• Last stage of the project plagued with rejects and rework

• Not enough development capacity

• Sales are not maximised by dropping customer requirements throughout the process

Root Causes

• Lack of communication between departments

• Rigid and bureaucratic process

• Development focus only on closed concept

• Inputs and exchanged requirements throughout the process

The Solution


• Obeya control and standardisation of Lean scheduling to increase communication

• Customer interests events, feasibility planning, learning cycles and integrating events to improve project quality

• Flow cells creation to reduce project Lead Time

• Documentation Standard Work to reduce project cost

The Results

The project had a payback period of less than 3 months with annual Savings of £4.5 million.


Real Sales vs Forecast Sales

Accuracy of sales forecast increased by 18%


Development Productivity

Development productivity increased by 8.6%


Project Lead Time

Project Lead Time reduced by 50%

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