KAIZEN™ Training

KAIZEN™ Training

We learned traditional training based on a classroom approach is not effective.
The best way to learn is by doing

KAIZEN™ Academy is a training programme that can be beneficial to all managerial levels and functional areas of an organisation. The academy aims to develop skills in the field of Continuous Improvement, providing theoretical and practical knowledge through exercises, simulations and real-world success stories.

KAIZEN™ Academy aims to empower all participants to contribute to their organisation’s own improvement initiatives.

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“It has always been the people and the investment on skills and training, that allowed our company to fulfill our plans and achieve our goals of efficiency and continuous improvement.”

CEO of Portuguese Retail Group

“The companies we visited really show what is possible even in the most complex situations. It is really inspiring! I’m looking forward to implementing some of the things I saw in my company.”

 Canadian Outerwear Manufacturer

“The motivation and passion transmitted during the courses, the practicality of these sessions and the evident professional expertise lead us to reflect on and change the status quo of  our processes and mentalities...”

Business Excellence, Thermotechnology Industry

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